Something Amazing is
Coming this Summer!

No backyard or experience? No worries! will design you a custom plan, and then coach you along the way.

How it Works

After 2 years of building, and testing, and building, then more testing (and lots of coffee)... is ready! Ready to make your life easier and your garden fuller. Using smart technology, we've helped 312 test gardeners grow fresh food just steps from their kitchen, and we're excited to welcome more...but just a few. Humbly, we're starting small to ensure we deliver big. This is why access to is limited to only 50 founding members per city, and is by invitation only. Be a part of it. Be a founding member!

Founding members get an exclusive bundle including:

  • Early Access: Get access first! Access to is limited to only 50 founding members per city and by invitation only. Founding members are a part of the action, not the waitlist. Launching early this Summer for founding members only.
  • Exclusive Access: As a founding member, you get behind the scenes access and a vote on which future features and services we add next. 
  • Lifetime Access: founding members receive a premium lifetime membership for a one-time setup fee of just $49. (The same price non-founding members will pay annually. Regular members pay every year, founding members never pay again.) 

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